Welcome to
St. Mark
Lutheran Church

About St. Mark

Growing in Faith. Sharing God’s Grace.

What else is there for a follower of Christ to do? Lots, to be sure. Jesus once told his followers that the two greatest commandments are to love God and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Life may be more complicated than a few short statements, and yet everything we do in faith could be seen as an expression of these simple words.

The people of St. Mark seek to grow in faith and share God’s grace in many ways. It’s hard to say how many, really, because we all experience God differently and use our various gifts as best as we can. We live our faith with hammers and pencils, in classrooms and parks, accompanied by organ and electric guitars. With this complexity, we come together as a community to simply love God and our neighbor as a part of the church of God.

St. Mark is one of almost 10,000 congregations in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. As members of the Northern Illinois Synod, we work closely with our fellow ELCA congregations, especially in our city of Rockford, Illinois. We are stronger together, as we join God’s mission in this area of the world and around the globe.

All are welcome at St. Mark. 

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